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  1. To the creators of this site:

    Recently I saw the Ruth Wallis "Queer Things" spot on your site. I think she would appreciate the attention.

    Typecast as solely a risque cabaret singer, my mother's diverse catalogue of music (125+ compositions) included torch, jazz, calypso and even "Broadway-style" show tunes.

    Since her passing, my mother has had more notice from the mainstream press than she did during her 30-year career. The New York Times published a nice article about her in their Jan 3, 2007 edition. Time Magazine gave her kind mention in their "Milestones" section.

    I am hoping to publish the sheet music for about 100 of my mother's works before the third anniversary of her passing(Dec 22,2010).

    Thanks again for keeping her music alive.

    Alan Pastman
    Ruth S. Wallis Music

  2. We appreciate your words and hope to preserve condignly your mother’s music and message of tolerance and self acceptance. We wait with great expectation to see and hear the rest of her unpublished work. For your dedication in achieving that our most honest compliments.