Madam Ruth Wallis sings "Sweater Girl"

Our Cabaret's beloved Ruth Wallis, once again, as to thank the wonderful words her son kindly wrote us. Indeed, the music and lyrics of Ruth Wallis give meaning to this blog for its open-minded and irreverent spirit. Through her satirical and good-mooded songs Madam Wallis dared to break what was considered a social taboo in the 40s and the 50s. To that we pay tribute, hoping to revive that irreverent view in today’s much tabooed society.

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  1. De facto, a Ruth Wallis tem letras de música que eu acho fantásticas :D Além de que, quando soube os anos durante os quais ela actuou, não pude de ficar admirado com a coragem dela.

    Os meus aplausos ao Cabaret e à gerência!